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  • "A One-Armed Jersey Son-of-a-Gun"
  • Fight Songs
  • Rivers, Roads & Regiments
  • The Ubiquitous Mr. Tanner
  • Brady's Accidental Exposure
  • A Ticket Home
  • Take Me Out to the ... Battlefield
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  • Behind the Lines: James Marten

    Historian James Marten discusses "The Ubiquitous Mr. Tanner," his article in the current issue of The Civil War Monitor.

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  • The Death of Jim Jackson

    Why Union forces executed a notorious Confederate guerrilla--after he had taken the Oath of Allegiance to the Union.

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  • Review: 12 Years a Slave

    Historian Jason Phillips offers his take on the Oscar-winning movie "12 Years a Slave," directed by Steve McQueen.

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  • The Battle in Public

    With the help of the telegraph, newspapers kept readers informed of all the news and speculation from Gettysburg.

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  • What Killed Stonewall?

    An examination of the reasons why the legendary Confederate commander did not survive his Chancellorsville wounding.

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  • RE Lee: Civil Rights Pioneer?

    A reassessment of the fabled postwar scene at Richmond's St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

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Latest Posts

  • DORN: Challenges on the Emmaus Road (2013)

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 4/16/2014 Author: George C. Rable | 

    Like many devout Americans, northern and southern Episcopalians seldom examined the cultural assumptions of their day with a critical eye. And though they did not exactly embrace civil religion, their often gentle faith failed to test the sectional pieties of the war years.

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  • An Interview with Michael Frost Beckner

    Category: Behind the Lines Posted: 4/15/2014 Author: David K. Thomson | 

    Our conversation with Michael Frost Beckner, the creator, writer, and executive producer of "To Appomattox," an exciting new miniseries event. In this interview, Beckner details the history of this project and its upcoming kickstarter campaign. Beckner also discusses the exciting members of the cast who have already signed on that will be familiar to fans of numerous television shows as well as...

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  • VARON: Appomattox (2013)

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 4/9/2014 Author: Sarah Bowman | 

    Rather than emphasizing the finality of military defeat, Varon stresses the uncertainty of the days, weeks, and months after Appomattox. Following Lee's surrender, various groups mobilized memories in a bid to legitimize their visions of postwar Reconstruction.

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  • An Interview with CWI's Jill Titus

    Category: Behind the Lines Posted: 4/4/2014 Author: David K. Thomson | 

    Our conversation with Jill Titus, the Associate Director of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College. In this interview, Dr. Titus discusses the plans for the 2014 CWI which centers around the war in 1864. She offers up some examples of the speakers and tours that the CWI attendees will take advantage of from June 20-24 as well as laying out some of the new features of this year's institute.

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The Bookshelf

Check out The Bookshelf for in-depth reviews of the latest Civil War books. Our most recently reviewed titles include:

Challenges on the Emmaus Road (2013)

Author: T. Felder Dorn

Reviewed by: George C. Rable

Appomattox (2013)

Author: Elizabeth Varon

Reviewed by: Sarah Bowman

William Lloyd Garrison and Giuseppe Mazzini (2013)

Author: Enrico Dal Lago

Reviewed by: Evan C. Rothera


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