Summer 2023

Vol. 13, No. 2

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Dogs of War
Canines played a variety of important roles—from supportive to savage—for the Union and Confederate armies
By Lorien Foote

The Lincoln Autopsy
A detailed look at the postmortem examination of the assassinated president
By Mathew W. Lively

Two Little Words
How last-minute changes to the Emancipation Proclamation affected the transition from slavery to freedom
By Edward T. Cotham Jr.


Editorial: War Dogs

Salvo: Facts, Figures & Items of Interest

          Voices: Trench Life
          Preservation: The Hard Work of Remembering
          Figures: The Bayonet
          Faces of War: A Capitol Police Officer Inside the Dome
          Primer: Army Banners
          Cost of War: Cuthbert H. Slocomb's Kepi
          In Focus: Wartime Photography


          Fighting Words: "Acknowledge the Corn," by Tracy L. Barnett

           Crossroads: Teaching the Battle of Chickamauga, by Andrew S. Bledsoe

Books & Authors

              The Top Five Books on the Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley
By Jonathan A. Noyalas

              Voices from the Army of Northern Virginia, Part 7
By Gary W. Gallagher

  Parting Shot: A Patriotic Pie