Fall 2020

Vol. 10, No. 3

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Wounded Warriors
For thousands of injured or infirm Union soldiers, the Invalid Corps provided a means to extend their military service. Not all of them were grateful for the opportunity
By Sarah Handley-Cousins

The Hero of Franklin
How quick thinking by headstrong Colonel Emerson Opdycke helped save the day for Union forces at one of the Civil War's fiercest battles
By Andrew S. Bledsoe

Counterfeit Confederates
As the notion of sectional reconcilliation spread in the decades after the conflict, impostors showed up with invented wartime histories
By Adam H. Domby


Editorial: Mr. Lincoln's Other Army

Salvo: Facts, Figures & Items of Interest

          Voices: Thirst
          Preservation: A Valuable Discovery
          Faces of War: A Pint-Sized Hero
          Cost of War: Mary Boykin Chesnut's Photo Albums
          Figures: The Soldier Vote
          In Focus: Civil War Sutlers' Mall


          American Iliad: A Man of Sorrows, by Mark Grimsley

          Fighting Words: Grin and Bear It, by Tracy L. Barnett

Books & Authors

              The Five Best Books on the Confederate Homefront
By Anne Sarah Rubin

               The Five Best Books on the African-American Civil War Experience
By Holly A. Pinheiro Jr.

  Parting Shot: A Sinister Band