Fall 2017

Vol. 7, No. 3

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"God of War"
Five times Robert E. Lee tried to lead his Army of Northern Virginia into combat during the war's last year, and five times his men stopped him. What do these incidents say about the general—and the soldiers who followed him?
By Barton A. Myers

"I Surrender!"
More than 300,000 soldiers surrendered during the Civil War. For those who had a choice in the decision, their motivations varied widely—as did their later experiences as prisoners of war.
By David Silkenat

Destined for Glory
The 54th Massachusetts Infantry in film and fiction
By Douglas R. Egerton


Editorial: The Marble Man

Salvo: Facts, Figures & Items of Interest

          Travels: A Visit to Newport News
          Voices: On Picket
          Dossier: William Tecumseh Sherman
          Preservation: Civil War Trust Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary
          Figures: The U.S. Christian Commission
          Cost of War: A T.L. Pruett D-Guard Bowie Knife
          In Focus: The 1st U.S. Veteran Volunteer Infantry


          American Iliad: The March to the Sea, Part 1, by Mark Grimsley

          Stereoscope: The Civil War as a Home Invasion, by Megan Kate Nelson

Books & Authors

         The B&A Q&A

               With Ronald S. Coddington

         The Books That Built Me

               By J. Matthew Gallman

Parting Shot: The Holy Grail of Civil War Swords