Summer 2017

Vol. 7, No. 2

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Meade, Grant, and the Path to Victory
Behind the partnership that won the Civil War
By Stephen W. Sears

The Soldier Artist
The artwork of Charles W. Reed, one of the foremost chroniclers of the life of the common Civil War soldier

Reverberations of Battle
A brief, fierce clash during the first day of fighting at Gettysburg affected the men of the 24th Michigan and 26th North Carolina long after the guns fell silent.
By Judkin Browning


Editorial: An Underappreciated Duo

Salvo: Facts, Figures & Items of Interest

          Travels: A Visit to Philadelphia
          Voices: Subpar Officers
          Primer: Rebel Buttons
          Preservation: A New Guarantee for Tennessee
          Figures: The March to the Sea
          Cost of War: Colonel Gustavus Sniper's Pistols
          In Focus: Secession in San Antonio


          American Iliad: "Spoons" Butler, by Mark Grimsley

          Stereoscope: The Civil War through British Eyes, by Megan Kate Nelson

Books & Authors

         The B&A Q&A

               With Sidney Blumenthal

         The Books That Built Me

               By A. Wilson Greene

Parting Shot: A Fortunate Horse