Winter 2016

Vol. 6, No. 4

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The Curious Case of the Lost Order
George McClellan had a chance to end the war in 1862. Or did he? It depends on who's telling the story.
By Stephen W. Sears

63 Days in Charleston
Excerpts from the journal of Lieutenant William Gordon McCabe
By Richard W. Hatcher III

The Unfortunate Colonel
The trial of Seraphim Meyer, the 107th Ohio Infantry commander court-martialed for conduct during the Battle of Gettysburg, still raises questions about the nature of cowardice and courage.
By Brian Matthew Jordan


Editorial: Little Mac and the Lost Order

Salvo: Facts, Figures & Items of Interest

          Travels: A Visit to Alexandria, Virginia
          Voices: Curses
          Faces of War: "Not while I have my sword arm left"
          Preservation: Hallowed Ground: Black troops in the American Civil War
          Figures: Horse soldiers
          Cost of War: A Bartholomae patent filter canteen
          In Focus: The Millers of Sharpsburg


          American Iliad: Lincoln Meets His General, by Mark Grimsley

          Stereocope: Historian on the Set, by Megan Kate Nelson


Books & Authors

         The Best Civil War Books of 2016

               With A. Wilson Greene, Andrew Wagenhoffer, Kevin M. Levin, Joan Waugh, & Gerald J.


Parting Shot: A Hirsute Token