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Published 4/13/2022

PETERS (ed.): Our Comfort in Dying (2021)

By: Jonathan M. Steplyk Category: Book Reviews

In "Our Comfort in Dying," Jonathan W. Peters brings together significant works by a Virginian who was notable not only as one of those who “rode with Stonewall,” but also as a major spiritual and intellectual thinker in the Civil War South.

Published 4/6/2022

WHITE: A House Built By Slaves (2022)

By: Cecily N. Zander Category: Book Reviews

In "A House Built By Slaves," Jonathan W. White offers a narrative of Black Americans pushing the president toward emancipation and Lincoln listening to their arguments....

Published 3/30/2022

KORNBLITH & LASSER: Elusive Utopia (2018)

By: Cassandra Jane Werking Category: Book Reviews

Gary J. Kornblith and Carol Lasser's "Elusive Utopia" merges social, gender, political, and economic history while foregrounding the voices of Black and white Oberlinians.

Published 3/23/2022

GALLGHER & CUSHMAN (eds.): Civil War Witnesses and Their Books (2021)

By: Gordon Berg Category: Book Reviews

"Civil War Witnesses" collects eight, carefully crafted and extensively researched essays.

Published 3/16/2022

JANNEY: Ends of War (2021)

By: Shae Smith Cox Category: Book Reviews

In "Ends of War," Caroline Janney examines the uncertainties surrounding Confederate surrender.

Published 3/9/2022

BAGLEY: The Horse at Gettysburg (2021)

By: Jeffry D. Wert Category: Book Reviews

Chris Bagley's "The Horse at Gettysburg" is a solid study by a licensed battlefield guide.

Published 3/2/2022

NOE: Contesting Commemoration (2021)

By: Meredith Barber Category: Book Reviews

Jack Noe's "Contesting Commemoration" explores the complex realities of post-war reunion.

Published 2/23/2022

ROSSINO: Their Maryland (2021)

By: James J. Broomall Category: Book Reviews

Alexander B. Rossino's "Their Maryland" is a lively account that challenges prevailing orthodoxy.

Published 2/15/2022

FAIRCLOUGH: Bulldozed and Betrayed (2021)

By: Evan C. Rothera Category: Book Reviews

In "Bulldozed and Betrayed," Adam Fairclough skillfully guides readers through numerous twists and turns, outsized personalities, and charges and counter-charges of fraud, conspiracy and skullduggery.

Published 2/9/2022

WHITE & DAVIS (eds.): My Work Among the Freedmen (2021)

By: George C. Rable Category: Book Reviews

"My Work Among the Freedmen" is simply worth reading to meet Harriet Buss and her students.