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Published 2/1/2023

WILLIAMS: I Saw Death Coming (2023)

By: Jennifer Andrella Category: Book Reviews

In "I Saw Death Coming," Kidada E. Williams provides an essential cross-section into how racist violence targeted Black families and postwar freedom.

Published 1/25/2023

THORP & ROSSINO: The Tale Untwisted (2023)

By: Brian Matthew Jordan Category: Book Reviews

In "The Tale Untwisted," Gene Thorp and Alexander Rossino build on but meaningfully extend Maryland Campaign revisionism.

Published 1/18/2023

LOWENSTEIN: Ways and Means (2022)

By: Gordon Berg Category: Book Reviews

Roger Lowenstein's "Ways and Means" flows with a confident grace, guiding readers through myriad financial schemes, government policies, and political intrigue.

Published 1/11/2023

MORGAN III: Six Miles from Charleston, Five Minutes to Hell (2022)

By: A.J. Blaylock Category: Book Reviews

"Six Miles from Charleston, Five Minutes to Hell" argues that Secessionville was a key battle, outweighing in scope what it lacked in scale.

Published 1/4/2023

FULLER & KNIGHT (eds.): Contemners and Serpents (2022)

By: George C. Rable Category: Book Reviews

"Contemners and Serpents" presents the correspondence of a family who ended up in Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina during and after the Civil War.

Published 12/28/2022

MINGUS, SR., & WITTENBERG: “If We are Striking for Pennsylvania” (2022)

By: Codie Eash Category: Book Reviews

Mingus and Wittenberg present a comprehensive retelling of the critical period that preceded the conflict’s bloodiest encounter.

Published 12/21/2022

COBB: C. Vann Woodward (2022)

By: Aaron David Hyams Category: Book Reviews

James C. Cobb's biography "C. Vann Woodward" provides unique insight into the power and production of history.

Published 12/14/2022

REDD: Hidden History of Civil War Florida (2022)

By: Angela Zombek Category: Book Reviews

Robert Redd's "Hidden History of Civil War Florida" highlights the depth fo the state's Civil War history.

Published 12/7/2022

PASLEY & HAMMOND (eds.): A Fire Bell in the Past (2021)

By: Josh Waddell Category: Book Reviews

Jeffrey L. Pasley's "A Fire Bell in the Past" succeeds in presenting a novel look into the Missouri crisis.

Published 11/30/2022

TURLEY: The Gospel of Freedom (2022)

By: Caleb W. Southern Category: Book Reviews

Alicestyne Turley's "The Gospel of Freedom" is a recommended and valuable contribution to our understanding of the Underground Railroad, Black Evangelicalism, and abolition.