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Published 2/3/2016

ALEXANDER: Dawn of Victory (2015)

By: Kelly Mielke Category: Book Reviews

...provides an engaging look at the Union breakthrough at Petersburg that casual buffs and more serious readers alike can enjoy.

Published 1/27/2016

THOMPSON: The National Joker (2015)

By: Chris Mackowski Category: Book Reviews

Abraham Lincoln's facility with words allowed him to craft some of American literature's loftiest rhetoric; it also allowed him to connect to the most homespun of backcountry constituents.

Published 1/20/2016

MILLER: Empty Sleeves (2015)

By: Sarah Handley-Cousins Category: Book Reviews

Miller has crafted a beautifully written and extensively researched book on a topic we must give greater attention: the bodily ramifications of the Civil War.

Published 1/13/2016

BEILEIN & HULBERT (eds.): The Civil War Guerrilla (2015)

By: Brian D. McKnight Category: Book Reviews

This anthology is the first book from both Hulbert and Beilein, and the field eagerly awaits their future works.

Published 1/6/2016

CHICK: The Battle of Petersburg (2015)

By: A. Wilson Greene Category: Book Reviews

The combat east of Petersburg, Virginia, between June 15 and 18, 1864, "shows two titanic commanders of war, Grant and Lee, at their absolute worst."

Published 12/30/2015

LEWIS: For Slavery and Union (2015)

By: Tommy Brown Category: Book Reviews

Ben Buckner was the embodiment of what it meant to be a proslavery unionist who joined the Union cause....

Published 12/23/2015

CAUDILL & ASHDOWN: Inventing Custer (2015)

By: Jonathan Noyalas Category: Book Reviews

In America's popular consciousness, the name George Armstrong Custer often evokes images of a daring, charismatic, golden-haired cavalry commander, in a fringed, buckskin coat, trying to fend off attacking warriors in a futile effort at the Little Big Horn.

Published 12/16/2015

GALLMAN: Defining Duty (2015)

By: Evan C. Rothera Category: Book Reviews

Although people needed advice on how to behave during an unprecedented crisis, the war culture seemingly abdicated responsibility for telling people how to behave...

Published 12/9/2015

FETTER-VORM & KELMAN: Battle Lines (2015)

By: David Schieffler Category: Book Reviews

Fetter-Vorm, an award-winning artist, and Kelman, a Bancroft Prize-winning historian, tell the story of the Civil War and Reconstruction through fifteen independent vignettes.

Published 12/2/2015

KELLER: The Story of Camp Douglas (2015)

By: Angela Riotto Category: Book Reviews

Keller's use of historical and archaeological evidence provides a useful base upon which future historians of Civil War POW camps can build.