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Published 4/13/2016

GUNNIN (ed.): Letters to Virtue (2014)

By: Jonathan A. Noyalas Category: Book Reviews

While Sherman's letters offer insight into a variety of aspects which dominated a soldier's life and are typical among published anything but a typical collection.

Published 4/6/2016

ACKEN (ed.): Service with the Signal Corps (2015)

By: Thomas J. Ryan Category: Book Reviews

Acken merits our appreciation for unearthing these important documents...Civil War specialists will gain knowledge about the vital but little known field of signal operations.

Published 3/30/2016

DIXON: The Lost Gettysburg Address (2015)

By: Scott L. Mingus, Sr. Category: Book Reviews

Now, for the first time, we can read Edward Everett's well-crafted speech and Charles Anderson's lost Gettysburg remarks, which bookended Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

Published 3/23/2016

HUFFSTODT: Lincoln's Bold Lion (2015)

By: Thomas J. Rowland Category: Book Reviews

James T. Huffstodt attempts to nudge Brigadier General Martin Davis Hardin out of the shadows of obscurity into the light of recognition.

Published 3/16/2016

MESCH: Teacher of Civil War Generals (2015)

By: Robert Grandchamp Category: Book Reviews

Smith was a brave and brilliant tactician who earned brevets in Mexico and displayed great courage in his action at Fort Donelson.

Published 3/9/2016

CANAVAN: Lincoln's Final Hours (2015)

By: Thomas A. Horrocks Category: Book Reviews

Rather than offering the usual, minute-by-minute movements of Booth and his fellow conspirators before and after the assassination, Canavan offers the reader a different story....

Published 3/2/2016

CHAMBERS: No God But Gain (2015)

By: Thomas H. Cox Category: Book Reviews

Capitalism and slavery were not only compatible but presented a dynamic, thriving alternative to free labor that would not be eradicated until Union victory in the Civil War.

Published 2/24/2016

SILVERMAN: Lincoln and the Immigrant (2015)

By: Alison Clark Efford Category: Book Reviews

Beginning during Lincoln's congressional term in the late 1840s and stretching through the Civil War, immigration was a live issue closely related to his hallmark concerns.

Published 2/17/2016

ENGLE (ed.): The War Worth Fighting (2015)

By: Krista Kinslow Category: Book Reviews

Focused on the ways in which Lincoln actively shaped events both at home and abroad, the collection covers a wide spectrum of topics...

Published 2/10/2016

DOWNS & MASUR (eds.): The World the Civil War Made (2015)

By: Andrew F. Lang Category: Book Reviews

This volume will radically change how historians approach the post-Civil War period.