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Published 1/6/2016

CHICK: The Battle of Petersburg (2015)

By: A. Wilson Greene Category: Book Reviews

The combat east of Petersburg, Virginia, between June 15 and 18, 1864, "shows two titanic commanders of war, Grant and Lee, at their absolute worst."

Published 12/30/2015

LEWIS: For Slavery and Union (2015)

By: Tommy Brown Category: Book Reviews

Ben Buckner was the embodiment of what it meant to be a proslavery unionist who joined the Union cause....

Published 12/23/2015

CAUDILL & ASHDOWN: Inventing Custer (2015)

By: Jonathan Noyalas Category: Book Reviews

In America's popular consciousness, the name George Armstrong Custer often evokes images of a daring, charismatic, golden-haired cavalry commander, in a fringed, buckskin coat, trying to fend off attacking warriors in a futile effort at the Little Big Horn.

Published 12/16/2015

GALLMAN: Defining Duty (2015)

By: Evan C. Rothera Category: Book Reviews

Although people needed advice on how to behave during an unprecedented crisis, the war culture seemingly abdicated responsibility for telling people how to behave...

Published 12/9/2015

FETTER-VORM & KELMAN: Battle Lines (2015)

By: David Schieffler Category: Book Reviews

Fetter-Vorm, an award-winning artist, and Kelman, a Bancroft Prize-winning historian, tell the story of the Civil War and Reconstruction through fifteen independent vignettes.

Published 12/2/2015

KELLER: The Story of Camp Douglas (2015)

By: Angela Riotto Category: Book Reviews

Keller's use of historical and archaeological evidence provides a useful base upon which future historians of Civil War POW camps can build.

Published 12/2/2015

BERENSON: Boston and the Civil War (2014)

By: John Patrick Riley Category: Book Reviews

As a general survey of Boston at mid-century, this book serves well enough for casual readers or those devoted Bostonians who seek to consume all things related to their city.

Published 11/25/2015

RYAN: Spies, Scouts, and Secrets in the Gettysburg Campaign (2015)

By: Nate Buman Category: Book Reviews

Ryan has provided a template that historians may use to examine the role of intelligence during other campaigns.

Published 11/18/2015

HARDY: The Capitals of the Confederacy (2015)

By: Cathy Wright Category: Book Reviews

Serving as a nation's capital city is generally a rare honor...but not in the case of the Confederate States of America, which bestowed it upon five cities in just over four years.

Published 11/18/2015

HESS: The Battle of Ezra Church and the Struggle for Atlanta (2015)

By: Wayne Hsieh Category: Book Reviews

Hess' new volume is now the standard scholarly account of the crucial engagement that saw Atlanta's Confederate defenders lose their final chance to regain the initiative from Sherman through aggressive counter-offensives.