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  • MORIARTY: A Fine Body of Men (2014)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 4/1/2015 Author: David A. Powell | 

    Writing the regimental history of a Civil War unit can be a challenge. Writing a company history, however, takes that challenge to a new level.

  • PARSON: Work for Giants (2014)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 4/1/2015 Author: Jonathan M. Steplyk | 

    The book stands out as a model work of well-written, well-researched military history. Parson takes readers through the Tupelo Campaign's inception, conduct, and execution with a thorough study of the battles and skirmishes, and concludes with an authoritative analysis of the results and how participants and historians have remembered and argued over it.

  • MACKOWSKI & WHITE: That Furious Struggle (2014)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 3/25/2015 Author: Joseph J. Cook | 

    Mackowski and White have produced an invaluable resource for the tourist of one of the Civil War's largest and most critical battles.

  • RUEF: Between Slavery and Capitalism (2014)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 3/18/2015 Author: Evan C. Rothera | 

    Ruef has an interesting idea, but the question immediately suggests itself: what does this model of uncertainty add to analysis and understanding of Reconstruction and its aftermath?

  • UFFELMAN, KANERVO, SMITH, WILLIAMS (eds.): The Diary of Nannie Haskins Williams (2014)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 3/11/2015 Author: Katherine Brackett Fialka  | 

    The diary's editors have truly brought this valuable source to life with an excellent introduction and conclusion, nearly one hundred pages of endnotes, two appendices addressing military officers and installations mentioned in the diary, and a number of photographs and diagrams.

  • McPHERSON: Embattled Rebel (2014)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 3/4/2015 Author: Jeffry D. Wert | 

    McPherson examines the controversies that plague history's judgments of Davis as commander-in-chief, presents a well-drawn portrait of the Confederate leader, and offers his own assessments on Davis's decisions and relationships with key individuals.

  • SHERBURNE: The St. Albans Raid (2014)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 2/25/2015 Author: Jonathan A. Noyalas | 

    Despite the fact that the St. Albans Raid was the northernmost attack by Confederates during the conflict and threatened relations between the United States, Canada, and Great Britain in the midst of our republic's most trying period, it has been largely ignored by historians.

  • PRIEST: "Stand to It and Give Them Hell" (2014)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 2/25/2015 Author: Benjamin Neely | 

    The soldiers' stories are pulled together so that the reader can get a sense of what the common soldier saw and felt in a specific time and place, hour-by-hour, on the battlefield over the course of July 2, 1863.

  • DOHREN (ed.): Letters from a Shoebox (2013)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 2/18/2015 Author: Zachery A. Fry | 

    In a field where authors thrive on emphasizing novelty in their subject matter, these letters are valuable precisely because the men and women who wrote them were so ordinary.

  • KING: To Raise Up a Nation (2013)Read More

    Category: Book Reviews Posted: 2/11/2015 Author: William D. Hickox | 

    This work is an intriguing read and an often-persuasive argument for the primacy of black men's deeds over white men's legislation.

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A Fine Body of Men (2014)

Author: Donald Peter Moriarty II

Reviewed by: David A. Powell

Work for Giants (2014)


Author: Thomas E. Parson

Reviewed by: Jonathan M. Steplyk

That Furious Struggle (2014)

Author: Chris Mackowski & Kristopher D. White

Reviewed by: Joseph J. Cook

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