Published 7/20/2016

KURTZ: Excommunicated from the Union (2015)

By: William S. Cossen Category: Book Reviews

This slim, well-written volume offers a straightforward argument that should move the historiographical debate in a number of subjects: from the role of religion in the war and the significance of ethnic identity among soldiers, to the place of Catholics in the wider American society...

Published 7/20/2016

EGAN: The Immortal Irishman (2016)

By: Thomas J. Ryan Category: Book Reviews

Egan relates Meagher's steadfastness as commander of the Irish Brigade—steadfastness in the face of the mass slaughter of his men in battle after battle.

Published 7/13/2016

BLUMENTHAL: A Self-Made Man (2016)

By: Robert O. Faith Category: Book Reviews

"Ultimately," Blumenthal argues, "Lincoln became the master of events because he was the master of politics."

Published 7/6/2016

HODES: Mourning Lincoln (2015)

By: Bruce W. Eelman Category: Book Reviews

[D]eft use of personal papers, diaries, letters, and a host of other primary sources reveals how the president's death both unified and further divided the country in the wake of war...

Published 6/29/2016

SHULTZ & MINGUS: The Second Day at Gettysburg (2015)

By: Thomas J. Ryan Category: Book Reviews

Shultz and Mingus have set a new standard for the July 2 action at Gettysburg, especially with regard to the critical engagements that took place toward the center of the line on Cemetery Ridge.

Published 6/29/2016

ROSS: Free State of Jones (2016)

By: Matthew C. Hulbert Category: Book Reviews Lost Cause trope after another is shattered against the gritty counter-narrative of men and women who temporarily erased the color line in defiance of everything the architects of the Confederate Experiment hoped to achieve.

Published 6/22/2016

HOOPER: Lincoln's Generals' Wives (2016)

By: Antoinette G. van Zelm Category: Book Reviews

Candice Shy Hooper explores how Jessie Benton Fremont, Mary Ellen March McClellan, Eleanor Ewing Sherman, and Julia Dent Grant motivated, guided, encouraged and occasionally clashed with their famous husbands during the Civil War.

Published 6/15/2016

PHILLIPS: The Rivers Ran Backward (2016)

By: James G. Kopaczewski Category: Book Reviews

By focusing on the Middle Border, Phillips expands our understandings of the West and forces historians to reconsider the North-South sectional binary.

Published 6/10/2016

Sketches of War

By: Civil War Monitor Category: Photo Essays

“One of the first things that strikes you about his sketches is their wonderful clearness of idea. You feel that they are drawn by a ready and skillful hand; one who thoroughly understands himself and his art…. His conception is clear, sharp, and distinct in his mind before he puts pencil to paper. He knows the grouping of every figure, the expression of every face. If he wants a tree in a...

Published 6/9/2016

Extra Voices: Souvenirs

By: Civil War Monitor Category: From the Archives

In the Voices section of our spring 2016 issue, we highlighted first-person quotes about the quest for battlefield souvenirs. Here are some that didn't make the cut.