Published 11/23/2016

BIGGS: They Fought For the Union (2016)

By: Thomas J. Ryan Category: Book Reviews

It appears that no stone was left unturned in the author's quest to portray the individual and collective performance of the men of this regiment.

Published 11/16/2016

RABLE: Damn Yankees! (2015)

By: Lorien Foote Category: Book Reviews

Dehumanizing an enemy during wartime helps participants to kill, provides a justification for why the war is worth fighting, and helps create a national identity.

Published 11/9/2016

WONGSRICHANALAI: Northern Character (2016)

By: James G. Kopaczewski Category: Book Reviews

Wongsrichanalai traces the intellectual lineage of elite white New Englanders before, during, and after the American Civil War.

Published 11/2/2016

WITTENBERG & DAVIS: Out Flew the Sabres (2016)

By: Robert Grandchamp Category: Book Reviews

Through a combination of detailed maps and photographs, this book will serve as a fantastic introduction to a decisive Civil War battle that established the Union cavalry in the eastern theater as masters of the field.

Published 11/2/2016

WITTENBERG & MINGUS: The Second Battle of Winchester (2016)

By: Cecily Zander Category: Book Reviews

Wittenberg and Mingus offer a new look at the engagement that eliminated the Union military presence in the Shenandoah Valley and cleared the way for Lee's second invasion of the North.

Published 10/26/2016

BYRD: Confederate Sharpshooter Major William E. Simmons (2016)

By: David Schieffler Category: Book Reviews

...a well-written book that recounts the operational details of an accomplished Confederate battalion and the exploits of one of its leaders.

Published 10/19/2016

PETERSON: Confederate Cabinet Departments and Secretaries (2016)

By: C. Michael Harrington Category: Book Reviews

This is the first book in more than 70 years to provide an overview of the six departments of the executive branch of the Confederate government, as well as sketches of the men who headed each department.

Published 10/12/2016

MORGANS: Grenville Mellen Dodge in the Civil War (2016)

By: Robert Grandchamp Category: Book Reviews

Morgans...presents a brief biography of one of the all but forgotten players who made victory for the Union possible.

Published 10/5/2016

BRENNEMAN, BOARDMAN & DOWLING: The Gettysburg Cyclorama (2015)

By: Tyler Sperrazza Category: Book Reviews

This book serves as a "myth-buster," a historical reference, and a key to the newly restored Cyclorama at the Gettysburg National Military Park.

Published 9/28/2016

GALLAGHER & WAUGH: The American War (2015)

By: Jonathan A. Noyalas Category: Book Reviews

While individuals with a general interest in the Civil War era would certainly benefit from reading this book, those who teach Civil War era history will find this book a useful foundation upon which to build a course.