Published 3/9/2016

CANAVAN: Lincoln's Final Hours (2015)

By: Thomas A. Horrocks Category: Book Reviews

Rather than offering the usual, minute-by-minute movements of Booth and his fellow conspirators before and after the assassination, Canavan offers the reader a different story....

Published 3/8/2016

The Unintended Expert

By: Jenny Johnston Category: Articles

How a chance encounter led Garry Adelman to a second career in Civil War history...

Published 3/2/2016

CHAMBERS: No God But Gain (2015)

By: Thomas H. Cox Category: Book Reviews

Capitalism and slavery were not only compatible but presented a dynamic, thriving alternative to free labor that would not be eradicated until Union victory in the Civil War.

Published 2/24/2016

SILVERMAN: Lincoln and the Immigrant (2015)

By: Alison Clark Efford Category: Book Reviews

Beginning during Lincoln's congressional term in the late 1840s and stretching through the Civil War, immigration was a live issue closely related to his hallmark concerns.

Published 2/19/2016

What was the seedy side of Richmond like during the Civil War?

By: Katie Brackett Fialka Category: Behind the Lines

We talk with Ashley Whitehead Luskey about how the Civil War changed the city of Richmond in terms of size and especially in terms of social customs. As the city exploded with population, so did its more seedy side. What were the consequences of this?

Published 2/17/2016

ENGLE (ed.): The War Worth Fighting (2015)

By: Krista Kinslow Category: Book Reviews

Focused on the ways in which Lincoln actively shaped events both at home and abroad, the collection covers a wide spectrum of topics...

Published 2/10/2016

DOWNS & MASUR (eds.): The World the Civil War Made (2015)

By: Andrew F. Lang Category: Book Reviews

This volume will radically change how historians approach the post-Civil War period.

Published 2/3/2016

ALEXANDER: Dawn of Victory (2015)

By: Kelly Mielke Category: Book Reviews

...provides an engaging look at the Union breakthrough at Petersburg that casual buffs and more serious readers alike can enjoy.

Published 1/29/2016

What are the biggest myths surrounding the battle of Cold Harbor?

By: Katie Brackett Fialka Category: Behind the Lines

We talk with Mike Gorman, an historian and park ranger at Richmond National Battlefield Park about the many myths surrounding Cold Harbor. Did 3,000 men really die in one hour? Was Grant really a butcher? Learn more about Mike's work and RNBP at the following sites:

Published 1/27/2016

THOMPSON: The National Joker (2015)

By: Chris Mackowski Category: Book Reviews

Abraham Lincoln's facility with words allowed him to craft some of American literature's loftiest rhetoric; it also allowed him to connect to the most homespun of backcountry constituents.